Sunday, October 23, 2011

As we do unto others, so we do unto ourselves.

You hungry little guy?

In Chinese legend there exists a mythological beast called the Taotie. This creature is unlike all others in that it possesses a ravenous and inexhaustible appetite and therefore cannot prevent itself from eating. As the legend goes this monster if left unchecked eventually consumes everything surrounding it and then faced with no other sources of food and still wracked with ceaseless pangs of hunger has no other alternative than to cannibalize itself – first its tail, then toes, fingers, feet, hands, legs, arms and finally its own torso until all that is left is its head which then perishes leaving in its wake a wasteland.

The Taotie is an allegory and warning for the dangers of greed and where it can take us if we allow it to do so. It is also a great analogy for any processes which are fundamentally dependent on endless growth.

Today we have our own Taotie and it comes in the form of our debt-based currency system – a system that cannot survive without infinite growth and therefore must descend into every possible corner of the biosphere and even ourselves for opportunities to convert what is in its path to monetizable assets. The problem of course – which we are beginning to wake to as the world economy continues to shudder – is such a process cannot go on forever when living in a finite and delicately balanced system such as the one here on Earth.

This next two-part presentation by Charles Eisenstein – author of the Book "Ascent of Humanity" among others – is a must for those who wish to see our species achieve an ecologically sustainable and socially healthy society – thus starving the Taotie and in-turn preventing us from ending our days in its belly.

Charles Eisenstein, "Money and the Turning of the Age"

Part 1:

Part 2:

P.S. Click here for his YouTube Channel if you are interested in more on this topic and a myriad of others.

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  1. These are really interesting and thought provoking videos. I like this guy!