Sunday, November 13, 2011

Capitalism Hits the Fan!

Are we experiencing a "financial crisis"? Before looking about at the state of the economy and rubber stamping this label on what we see going on today, perhaps we need to take pause and ponder if the problems we are experiencing actually run much deeper and expose flaws at the very core of the Capitalistic system we find ourselves in.

These next two presentations from Richard D. Wolff ~ Professor of Economics Emeritus from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst ~ lucidly and powerfully lays out the arc of history over the last thirty-plus years for how we arrived at a society with such massive concentrations of power, wealth and corruption. You will not get a more hard-hitting and eye-opening presentation on the topic than presented here.

Capitalism Hits the Fan | Dec 2009

Opposition to Paying for Capitalism's Crisis | April 2011

P.S. If you enjoyed these videos then I also recommend tuning into Professor Wolff's amazing weekly radio program Economic Update on WBAI New York.

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