Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Collateral Damage"

Ben McLeish in this fascinating August 2011 podcast peels back the layers of Doublespeak which permeate our culture and blind us from deeper truths that are critical to see if we ever expect to reach an ecologically sustainable and thriving world community.

Among other topics, McLeish also delves into the economic realities that are currently unfolding as automation of labor continues its inexorable process – thus collapsing the income-for-labor mechanism at the very heart of the monetary/market system.

This is a must listen for anyone who wants to get a clearer picture on the impending challenges & opportunities at humanity's doorstep.

NOTE: If your browser is not picking up the audio player try this YouTube version.

If you would like to get more from McLeish here is a another great interview.

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