Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Future is Open...

QUESTION: What would a drug company do if one of their researchers happened to stumble upon a promising drug for a particular disease? 

ANSWER: They would keep it a closely guarded secret until the prototype drug could be turned into an active pharmacological substance that could be patented – thus giving the corporation full control in its application to maximize profit.

QUESTION: What would happen instead if this promising drug were instead freely shared with a broad array of interdisciplinary & interconnected researchers spanning the globe?

ANSWER: Jay Bradner ~ research scientist and chemist at Harvard and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, did exactly that with a particular molecule engineered at his lab to treat a rare form of cancer. The results of utilizing this alternative open methodology turns out to be nothing short of miraculous and should make us pause and wonder what other areas of investigation would flower if removed from the darkness of proprietary corporate vaults.

Jay Bradner – Open-Source Cancer Research 

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  1. That is totally amazing! I just learned a girl I went to high school with died last week from cancer, leaving behind three young children and a loving husband. Open-source is obviously the way to go. Look at technology and the open-source community there. That's where the innovation is.