Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Middle Class? What's That???

The Middle Class over the course of the last generation has steadily been pushed toward the precipice and in ever-growing numbers over it and into the abyss. We are going from a three-class society – upper, middle and lower – to a two-class society – a minority up top and everyone else a weak exploitable underclass to serve them. Understanding the underlying factors that has lead to this sad state of affairs is critical if we ever expect to reorient our national and world priorities to halt this appalling trend.

Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren in this next presentation and interview from January 2008 blows through the myth that today's Middle Class in America is in such dire straights as a result of overconsumption and fiscal irresponsibility. Looking at the hard numbers an entirely different picture comes to light...

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Conversations with History: Elizabeth Warren

Related to the topics discussed by Warren I highly recommend checking out these presentations from Richard D. Wolff.

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