Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mixed Greens!

Okay, got a collection of related leafy good videos for you to sink your roots into.

Do we have the agricultural technology and resources to feed every human being on Earth and in a manner that does not destroy our environment? 

Well, major advances over the last ten years in hydroponics, aeroponics, LED lighting systems, renewable energy sources and indoor vertical-based methods of crop production – to name only a few – are now offering us the opportunity to unlock a treasure trove of bountiful pesticide free organic food for the whole of humanity to enjoy. What is more incredible is by fully leveraging our capability not only can we feed every man, woman and child on the planet we can do so while simultaneously returning huge tracts of acreage back to nature and therefore provide the Earth's biosphere the desperately needed habitat to pull itself from the brink of collapse and conveniently save our hides along with it. 

All we require now is action and the determination to sweep aside a few hundred years of outmoded economic dogmatism and a century worth of industrial-era chemical & fossil fuel intensive farming practices and the pale blue dot we find ourselves on can again glimmer emerald green. 

Like a tossed salad these videos are mixed up for your viewing pleasure...

The OmegaGarden Rotating Hydroponic Garden with LEDs

First up is an amazing new rotating hydroponic garden you could actually have at home!

OmegaGarden's Farmdominium 

... on a larger scale take the rotating LED garden above and scale it up to a building and you can feed an entire community!

Dutch PlantLab Plant Production Unit

The Dutch given their colder climates are now heavily researching food production in skyscrapers, buildings and even underground. Amazing!

For more on this see this article.

Dickson Despommier – The Vertical Farm

This TED talk from Columbia microbiology professor Dickson Despommier eloquently lays out the case why we no longer have any choice but to fully adopt vertical & underground farming techniques if we expect to survive and flourish as a species.

For more info from Despmmier his website is here.

Paignton Zoo's Vertical Farm

Damn! These animals eat better than I do!

Brita Riley – A Garden in my Apartment

Lastly, this TED talk from Britta Riley discusses the new and exciting Open Source community that has sprung up around creating hydroponic food gardens for urban windows. Everyone can do their small part in the new paradigm and have a lot of fun in the process!

For more on upgrading our food systems check out these fish.

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