Saturday, December 10, 2011

Occupy Our Resources...

Occupy Venice this last week invited Peter Joseph, Jason Lord and Jen Wilding of the Zeitgeist Movement for an excellent Q & A session that covers a myriad of subjects. Great mind-expanding material for these changing times!

Some topics of discussion:
  • What is next for Occupy?
  • The "differential advantage game" that we must all play.
  • Traditional assumptions and how they clash with our emergent reality.
  • The economic system - the greatest religion of all time!
  • Understanding that our problems are technical and global.
  • Transitional elements toward a Resourced-Based & environmentally sustainable economic model.
  • The current economic model is based on service not resolution.
  • What does "leadership" mean in a leaderless movement.
  • Do we have an overpopulation problem?
  • On an individual level how can we NOT play the game?
  • The tyranny of "divide and conquer".
  • The "stories" we have that are holding us back. 
  • Parallel sustainable communities?

Occupy Venice Talks with The Zeitgeist Movement LA

NOTE: The audio of some of the questions at times are on the low side. Just turn up the volume a bit and you oughta be okay. :)

If you wish to watch the speech Joseph gave at Occupy LA in October that is mentioned at the beginning of the Q & A here it is:

Peter Joseph | Occupy LA | Oct 15th 2011

For more on this topic try this.

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