Thursday, December 29, 2011

Structural Classism

Some statistics for those of us in the United States to reflect upon:

  • This 2011 Holiday season the top seven banks are expected to give record bonuses totaling $156 billion. [source]  
  • Goldman Sachs compensation this year for its 38,900 workers averages to $362,862 per employee. ← I somehow suspect the copy-boy didn't receive this tidy sum. [source] 
  • Jaimie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, compensation last year came to $20.8 billion. That is an hourly wage of $10,400. [source]
  • 1.6 million children in the U.S. were homeless in 2010. [source]
  • At the height of the Roman Empire the top 1% controlled 16% of the wealth. [source]
  • Today in the U.S. the 1% control 40% of the nation's wealth. [source]
  • Total net worth of the bottom 60% of the U.S. is less than Forbes 400 richest. [source]
  • The net worth of the six heirs of Walmart equals the bottom 30% of the country. [source]

Just how did these grim numbers come about? Are they simply a result of "greed"? An inescapable fact of "human nature"? Too much government intervention???... OR just maybe is there something else going on that is the driving force behind these incredible distortions of wealth distribution?

Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement, in this next lecture/podcast persuasively argues what we are experiencing today is strongly influenced by something called "Structural Classism" ~ a powerful term worth getting a handle on since it reveals key insight into how we landed in our current predicament as well as offers up clues on where we can go from here to turn back the tide of inequity.

Peter Joseph – Structural Classism

NOTE: If time is of essence you can skip the preamble and directly jump to the lecture starting at: 20:04.

NOTE: If your browser is not picking up the audio player above here is the YouTube version.

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