Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Case Against Competition

Competition: The precious life-blood and driving fuel that makes the world go round! ...or so we have been told.

For those of us who happen to find ourselves within the borders of the U.S. – or in those nations strongly influenced by American values – this mantra is one that is so fundamental to our way of thinking it goes almost without question. Our schools, universities, sports, games, businesses, economic system and even quite often our personal relationships are interwoven with this ruling ideology. Competition it seems makes up our very nature.

Is this really the case though?

Well... this next video (audio actually) by Alfie Kohn may spin your world upside-down – or perhaps right–side-up depending on your persuasion – by offering a powerful counterpoint to this institutionalized notion. Kohn raises a host of unorthodox questions, the latest scientific evidence and reveals many of the unforeseen costs associated with living in the manner we do today. Of greater import, Kohn opens to us new and empowering alternatives to relate to one another that may very well open the door to greater abundance and collective happiness. Doesn't that sound nice? :)

Alfie Kohn – The Case Against Competition

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