Sunday, January 15, 2012

Domo Arigato, Mr. ASIMO

Robotic technology is exponentially gaining ground and is now at the cusp of fundamentally redefining the very fabric of society. With this incredible new capability the option of freeing humanity from the clutches of menial, laborious & dangerous labor is now no longer science fiction, but an engineering reality.

If you haven't yet seen Honda's 2011 incarnation of ASIMO you are in for a big treat! My jaw hit the floor with what this little guy is already capable of. Can't imagine what ASIMO will be doing five and ten years from now as his systems continue to advance along with Moore's Law, but guaranteed we're in for more surprises!

Living With Robots

An 8 minute mini-documentary on ASIMO and robots in general.

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  1. That's pretty amazing. I almost couldn't tell the female ones were robots!