Saturday, February 4, 2012

Print Me a Road!

Here is another technological marvel rising up from the drawing boards over at Volvo:

Volvo FENIX Asphalt Paver

The only superfluous and awkward part of this amazing machine's design is that container up top where the human goes. With driverless technologies now at the cusp of automating vehicle transportation (see NPR story below) forcing some poor person to sit in there bored out of their mind makes little sense. Let the poor person be with his/her family!

At this point FENIX is only a concept, but is yet another example of the myriad of technologies right over the horizon that will be automating away the vast proportion of jobs across the planet.

NOTE: If your browser is not picking up the NPR audio player below here is the mp3.

...FENIX will print your driveway and these folks will print you a house!

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