Sunday, February 26, 2012

Structural Peace or Structural War


Is war natural? Is war inevitable? Is the tendency for war hard-wired into our "human nature"? Are we inherently territorial and aggressive? Is there a "war gene"? Is war a result of "evil"? What forces drive us toward war? What systems of belief perpetuate war? What institutions & economic arrangements require war for their very survival? Which profit? How do cultures & nation states indoctrinate their citizenry to acquiesce to, participate in, take the lives of others and lay down their own lives to meet war's ends?


Is the possibility of world peace nothing more than a fantasy? Are the differences between us so great that peace will always lie outside of our grasp?  Will the drive to obtain & secure scarce resources continually thwart our efforts to come to peaceful resolutions? If mutually beneficial arrangements are a possibility what institutions, environmental frameworks and values can we adopt that can steer us toward peaceful coexistence?

Lots of annoying brain-bending questions, huh?

For those who are horrified by the sad realities of war and humanity's long relationship with it and also for those who are awakening to the realization that given our exponentially increasing weapon technologies if we do not deeply grapple with such questions and upgrade our personal & societal values in a manner that allow us to responsibly manage such vast power the possibility for catastrophe becomes almost a certainty.

With the aspiration to pull back from such perilous trends, Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement in this next lecture titled, '"Defining Peace" – Economics, The State and War' jumps head first into these critical questions, zeroing in on the root causal mechanisms that underly & feed the myriad of conflicts we see around us today as well as explores new territory & perspectives that in-turn reveal a host of vital new tools for reengineering our world in a manner where lasting peace finally has a chance to take hold. Now that's something to get excited about!

Peter Joseph – Defining Peace – Tel Aviv, Israel – Feb 6th 2012

In the pursuit of peace the wise words of Howard Zinn cannot go unheeded.


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