Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mr. Robot, Please Take My Job

Since the advent of the integrated circuit in 1958, about every eighteen months computer processor speeds have doubled. How long this exponential trend will continue into the future is anyone's guess, but one thing for certain we are still far away from exploiting the pure computational power that physics is capable of delivery to us if we can only figure out how to do so.

With each jump, the feats our computational machines have been able to perform have expanded accordingly, to the point today where they are now steadily closing the gap on many tasks that were not long ago thought of as the sole domain of the human intellect. With recent examples like IBM's Watson besting the top champions of Jeopardy to Google's self-driving vehicles to ASIMO we are experiencing a transformation of unprecedented magnitude that is fundamentally redefining humanity and in a manner that is already setting off tectonic economic & societal shifts that we are only just beginning to fathom. TRANSLATION: We're in for a wild ride folks!

On the topic, these next two presentations may either fill you with delight at the incredible possibilities opening up before us or fill you with dread contemplating a future that will radically differ from the world we find ourselves in today. Either way the future will not be boring. This I guarantee you. ;)

Federico Pistono - Robots Will Steal Your Job

J├╝rgen Schmidhuber – When Creative Machines Overtake Man

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