Thursday, March 15, 2012

Re-Envisioning Money

We don't usually think of it as such, but money is a technological invention. One that has been with us now for so many centuries and has infused & driven our collective consciousness to such a pervasive degree we rarely if ever stop to fully comprehend that money, when it is all said and done, is simply... an abstraction – a social agreement.

If tomorrow all of humanity woke up and believed the pieces of paper in our wallets & purses imprinted with numbers, presidents & other miscellaneous historical figures were simply that and the digits flying about in our computerized bank accounts were just that – electrons zipping through silicon – and the gold & silver coins just globs of shiny metal, the power of money from one moment to the next would cease to exist. Kinda spooky when you stop and think about it!

Well, evaporating money is not the point of this post, but is only being thrown out here to hopefully provide a bridge to viewing the stuff outside the "normal" context we typically do and to provide a little bit of space for us to hold this particular piece of technology out at arm's length and with a discerning and dispassionate eye ponder how it can be enhanced & reformed to better serve our needs.

With those thoughts in mind I leave you in the extraordinary capable and wise hands of economist & author Charles Eisenstein, whose timely message of recapturing our "gift economy" roots, but in a 21st Century context, offers many cogent solutions & values for steering humanity away from the impending social & ecological storms now bearing down upon us.

Sacred Economics – A Short Film

Interview for Money & Life Film

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Re-Envisioning Money

For more from Charles Eisenstein and to learn about the dreaded Taotie click here.


  1. Thank you! I donated $100 to the film Money & Life as well.