Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paradise or Oblivion

"We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." ~ Albert Einstein

Those wise words are as true as ever, and as humanity continues to move into the 21st Century it is becoming abundantly clear many of the ways in which we navigated the challenges of the 20th Century – and those previous – are simply no longer working.

From the extraordinary pressures we as a species are placing on the life systems of the Earth, to the looming energy & resource crises, a projected population of over nine billion by mid-century and an economic paradigm locking us into wasteful patterns of consumption, war, poverty & unsustainable growth the time for having our eyes fixated on the past can now only bring us the most perilous of consequences. That's the downside!

On the up side, given the numerous challenges humanity has overcome we have developed a panoply of powerful social, technological & scientific capabilities that if intelligently & judiciously applied could bring about a rise in our collective wellbeing far in excess of anything we experience today. We could quite readily end all war and poverty on this planet with what we now have at our disposal. A tantalizing opportunity don't you think?!

Up or down one thing is for certain... the clock is ticking and the choice is ours – paradise or oblivion.


  1. Now that sounds like a good idea. How do we convince the rest of the earth to do this?

    1. In a word: Education.

      As I see it, we are going to have little choice but to head in the direction being advocated by The Venus Project if we are going to have any chance of survival as a species, so the "convincing" will come with the stark realization that continuing as we are is simply a recipe for collective disaster. We either come into line with physics and arrange the distribution of the world's resources for maximizing human & ecological wellbeing to the best of our scientific capabilities or we suffer the nasty consequences.

      An economic system where the fruits of our vast technological capabilities are concentrated for the benefit of a small few – especially in the light of those fruits increasingly being produced with little or no human labor – simply loses all moral justification for its preservation. Once the masses internalize these facts and know of the better alternatives they won't settle for the deteriorating & inequitable system we have today.

      Sooo... all that needs to happen now is to start handing out the Red Pills. ;)

      P.S. If you're interested in finding out more about Resource-Based Economies and you haven't already done so watch the documentary, "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward". You can get to it by clicking on the first link under the "Recommended Documentaries" section on the right. Enjoy! :)