Saturday, May 5, 2012

We Have The Technology

For those who have seen The Story of Stuff you are all too aware of the harmful & unsustainable chain of events that are linked to the great majority of goods that make their way into & out of our lives. For those who have seen The Great Disruption you are well informed to the fact that the current stories of our stuff – and much of the way we collectively operate – must radically alter if we expect to survive the myriad of ecological & economic crisis now rippling through our world communities.

So what the %#&* do we do about it?!?! Well, don't ask a dummy like me! Instead ask physicist & environmental scientist Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, who over the course of several decades has made astounding out-of-the-box leaps in the holistic application of technology to achieve rates of efficiency far in excess of what was formerly thought of as possible and as a result now opens the door for all of humanity to finally kick its dangerous & unsustainable fossil fuel addiction.

A better world awaits! Now we just need to seize it...

Amory Lovins – A 50-Year Plan for Energy

For those who would like to see Amory's amazing super energy efficient home up in the Rockies check out this Bing video.

Advanced Energy Efficiency: Concepts & Practice

... and for those who really want to go off the deep end here is a five part week-long seminar that Lovins did at Stanford University back in 2007 where he covers the gamut of technologies that are just begging for a 21st Century upgrade.

Day 1 – Buildings

Day 2 – Industry

Day 3 – Transportation

Day 4 – Implementation

Day 5 – Implications

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