Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Escape the Steel Box...

Okay, this is serious!

You're trapped in a reinforced steel airtight & watertight room, walls three feet thick and with only one exit – a firmly locked steel door. The door has three hinges with two screws each. In your hand is a penknife and you know if you try with all your effort it will take you a minimum of one minute to unscrew each. No problem! In a little over six minutes you know you can get them all loose, pop the door off and be safely be out of there and on your merry way to get a cappuccino.

You then look up and notice three fist-sized holes in the ceiling above you and know (don't ask me how you know, but you do) that in the next few instants ice-cold water will begin shooting through them and will fill the room completely in four minutes! You also know that the exertion you will have to expend to get the six screws loose along with the bone-chilling water will leave you so tired you will be lucky to hold your breath for a minute, let alone the two-plus more you will require to unscrew all of them and pry the door open against the immense water pressure!


To unlock the answer to this particular dilemma – and a few other wide open Pandora's Boxes of our time – Ben McLeish in this next excellent podcast discusses the attributes of a "Resource-Based Economic Model" (also known as an "Earth Economy" or "Open-Source Civilization"). McLeish also dispels the notion raised by some that such a system would necessitate some form of "central planning" or top-down authoritarian rule in order to exist. The reality is very much the opposite.

Ben McLeish – From Linear Competition to Global Collaboration

NOTE: If you wish to get the audio file of this presentation grab this mp3.

If you enjoyed this podcast and would like to hear more here is one and another from Mr. McLeish.


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