Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Ascent of Separation

An excellent interview with economist Charles Eisenstein discussing many of the emerging & unintended consequences that have come from our shift to "modernity" and how much of our present beliefs surrounding what we think of as "human nature" are very much a reflection of that process.

Charles Eisenstein – London Real – January 17th 2013
“Money is really nothing but a set of agreements, or I like to say it's a story that gives value to these symbols. It's an interpretation of symbols. Otherwise that piece of paper or those bits in a computer they don't have any value aside from our agreements. Right now it is embedded in all kinds of social agreements about what these things mean. The question then is why have we created social agreements that drive us toward doing things we don't want to do and are killing the planet? Why is there a lot of money in cutting down a rainforest, digging mines and exterminating the indigenous people who live there to get rare earth minerals? There's a lot of money in that. Why is there not much money in restoring wetlands? Why is there lots of money in doing things we don't really want to do, like I don't know, being an accountant or something like that? Why, because it is just an agreement? Why have we created this agreement that is the enemy of everything that is sacred to us and what would it take to change that agreement? What would money look like if it were aligned with the things that are becoming sacred to us?”

Ancient Futures – Learning from Ladakh

If you wish to view the documentary that Eisenstein refers to in the interview above on the Ladakh people of Northern India – and not coincidentally their own collision & transformation by the forces of Globalization – here it is.

For more from Eisenstein see this earlier presentation and on the topic of "human nature" this talk from Alfie Kohn is a must listen.

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