Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Cash Anyone?

As devastatingly articulated by the David DeGraw article, "Peak Inequality: The .01% and the Impoverishment of Society" income inequality and concentration of power across the world has reached such corrosive extremes that the vast proportion of humanity now find themselves in perpetual states of debt servitude or worse cast adrift with little or no means to access the resources to meet their basic life needs.

Coupled with and exacerbating this trend has been the unrelenting & exponentially rising process of machine automation, which over the next few decades will partially or completely eliminate the jobs of hundreds of millions:

Though there is no singular panacea to solve these deeply troubling and interconnected issues, one promising solution has been steadily gaining attention & legitimacy as studies in the field deliver surprisingly hopeful results and one which we may all want to seriously consider adopting in our local, regional & national communities:

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