Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Revolution & Religion

A common theme of this blog has been the presentation of newly emerging, reemerging and for some "taboo" frames of thought. And this next no-holds-barred dialog between Cornel West and Bob Avakian, chairman of the American Revolutionary Communist Party, is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Whether you ultimately agree or not with the contents of this discussion is not the point. What is important is the ability to open one's mind as far and wide as possible and become aware of what is actually being advocated by those who fall into differing ideological spheres of thought. Whether we identify ourselves as "Conservative," "Liberal," "Libertarian," "Christian," "Muslim," "Atheist," "Communist" or whatever, we can all gain immensely by putting aside such overarching labels while honestly and respectively engaging one another in the open exchange of ideas. With that mindset, we may quickly discover that what we share in common is in reality much greater than that which divides us.

This talk is fairly long, so I recommend biting it off in chunks. If you wish to save a bit of time and skip the introductions go straight to the main event by jumping to the 15 minute mark.

Revolution & Religion: The Fight for Emancipation & the Role for Religion