Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Empire Files

As we watch millions of Middle-East refugees flee for their lives we should stop and ask ourselves how such tragic situations come about and learn the long chain of events which have lead to so much unnecessary suffering.

This new television series hosted by journalist Abby Martin is a must see look into the heart of global empire and reveals how situations like those we are witnessing today are directly linked to the socioeconomic systems which intimately interweave and surround our everyday lives.

Episode 1: The Rise of History's Biggest Empire

Episode 2: 9/11 and the Belligerent Empire

Episode 3: Enter the Biggest Prison System in History

Episode 4: Abby Martin & Chris Hedges: War, Propaganda and the Enemy Within

Episode 5: Inside Saudi Arabia: Butchery, Slavery & History of Revolt

Episode 6: America's Unofficial Religion, The War on an Idea

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